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More reality in flight simulator environments with SimElite Solutions

There are thousands of flight simulator lovers who spend a lot of time in flight simulator environments every day. Flight simulator world is a virtual world for them and they are professional pilots in that wonderful world. They fly with different type of planes in different places of the world. Some of them are commercial pilots who carry thousands of passengers and cargos every day, Some of them are light smaller plane's pilots who fly in low altitude VFR flights and enjoy beauty of the scenery of the earth and others are super fast fighters jets' pilots who perform different missions.

From the first day that flight simulator softwares born, there has been a strong desire among their fans and it was "Reality" indeed! Everybody who flies in a flight simulator environment, likes to have a feeling and experience same as the real world's pilots.

SimElite Solutions team are trying to use knowledge, innovation and technology to make new tools, add-ons and solutions to add more reality to your flight simulator's world and improve your virtual world’s flight experience at all. We believe, this will be happen only with your help and support.

Our products and services are not designed for real flight simulator devices, used by flight schools or real airlines to train their students or pilots in the real world. They made for flight simulator softwares like Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D (P3D) which can be installed on a personal computer at home.

We suggest you to join us today and become one of our members and help us to achieve our common goal and make flight simulator world as real as possible.


Because of the nature of world Time Zones that change over time, it is always needed your flight simulator Time Zones be updated once in a while. You had to copy new version of SimElite Solutions Time Zone Fixer files manually by now despite it was not a hard task to do but it took time from you to go to SimElite Solutions website, Login to your account, download new version, extract them and finally copy new files to the correct address and update your Time Zone Fixer. We decided to help you save time and with this new and easy to use "Time Zone Fixer Automatic Update" program, you will be able to update your Time Zones in a much easier way than before.
you can read more information from this link:
Time Zone Fixer Automatic Update program
We made this new and easy to use web based tool to help you check world's airports Time Zones in a simple way.

About this tool

  • You can check world's airports Time Zones with this tool.
  • It is NOT showing world's real Time Zones.
  • It is only showing our SimElite Solutions Time Zone Fixer definitions.
  • It is working based on our latest SimElite Solutions Time Zone Fixer V1.3.1 Time Zones.
  • Every Time Zone you can see here will be the same as one you have in your Flight Simulator environment.

How to use this tool

  • Search ICAO code/City/Country OR zoom and drag the map to find your airport.
  • Put your mouse icon over airport's icon to see Country,City,Airport name and ICAO code information.
  • Click on airport Icon to see Time Zone information.
  • Check Time Zone and if it is not correct, Click on 'Report It' button beside that.
  • Select checkbox to confirm your Time Zone report.
  • Fill necessary information to let us know the problem.
  • Click on Submit button.
  • Click on information window to close it.

If you are a flight simulator pilot, you certainly know, there is a problem in FSX and P3D time zone boundaries and they aren't match real world's time zones at all. Although using addons like FS REAL TIME has fixed UTC movement defect BUT time zones are still not working like it should be and here our SimeElite Solutions Time Zone Fixer comes to work and it will fix them all like a charm!

It is an essensial fix for flight simulator softwares and together with FS Real Time addon you will fly in Flight Simulator on accurate schedules same as the real world!


29 November 2019 - New version V1.3 of Season Manager released

New version V1.3 of Season Manager released. Two sections added to the program: 1- Historic Mode Seasons. 2-Airports section (Optional).

27 November 2019 - Black Friday Special Sales started

Black Friday Special sales started. Visit our store for details.

17 October 2019 - Current Snow coverage map section is available

New Snow coverage map section has been added to Season Manager page on our website. It shows current Snow coverage areas of the earth in our Live Mode Seasons. It is created from our final Live Mode Seasons and it means any Snow coverage you see on that map, you will have it in your flight simulator!
That map will be updated on a daily basis and you can always see the most recent Snow coverage in your flight simulator.
It doesn't show other Seasons (Spring,Summer,Fall & Winter) at the moment but it is possible we add those layers in the future.
You can access this new section from here



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